The Iron and Steel Industry in India was earlier categorized as main producer consisting of various integrated Steel Plants based on BF-BOF Route and secondary producers consisting of Electric Arc Furnace units, Induction Furnace units, Rerollers, Stand alone Cold Rolling and GP/GC Sheet units etc. Besides there are stand alone Pig Iron units, Sponge Iron units, Wire Drawing units etc. Today there are large units of capacity of one million tonnes or more based on DRI-EAF or COREX-BOF Route and hence earlier categorisation is infructuous.

1. Integrated Steel Plants based on BF-BOF Route
2. Units based on BF-BOF Routes
3. Major Producers based on EAF/EOF,COREX etc
4. Mini Steel Plants & Stand alone Finished Steel Producers
i. Electric Arc Furnace Units
ii. Rerolling Units
iii. HR Coil Units
iv. Cold Rolling Units
v. GP/GC Units and Color coated Units
vi. Tin Plates
5. Steel Wire Drawing Industry
6. Unorganised Sectors
7. Pig Iron
8. Sponge Iron
9. Alloy and Special Steels
10. Stainless Steel
11. Ferro Alloys